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An oven in a brick oven is a type of the furnace of the Russian stove. The oven for the oven belongs to the stoves and is used for cooking. In addition to cooking, the oven can serve as a device for drying mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, and when the door is open, it will quickly heat the room.

Oven ovens are of two types:

• with cast iron body

• with sheet steel housing.

Pig-iron ovens are preferable, they keep warm longer, heat up more evenly and are more durable.

These ovens are also divided into:

• glazed - the glass of the oven is heat-resistant and fire-resistant, allowing to observe the cooking, as the glass is also transparent

• solid - this oven does not allow to observe the cooking

Now became very popular oven oven with a glass door. It is convenient, through the glass you can monitor the preparation of a particular dish. A thermometer installed on the inside of the oven glass will help the housewives to control the process of cooking and make the oven more technological.

Installed in the stove or in the fireplace with the help of it you can cook the same dishes as in ordinary ovens. But the dish cooked in the oven does not compare with anything. After all, it resembles food cooked in a rustic wood-burning stove. In the oven oven dish is prepared quickly, as it is heated from all sides. In it you can cook pies with pies, bread, various pastries or just potatoes. It can also be used for drying mushrooms, fruits and other products.

With such ovens you need to be able to handle, because there is no button or touch display in them to start cooking. Everything is different here, you need to know how much to throw firewood, and at what time. For successful cooking, with such a stove oven you need to learn how to use.