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Door for the smoking shed of SVT 411
Door for the smoking shed of SVT 419
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When dealing with a stove, it is necessary to understand that it consists of various parts: oven doors, grate, ashpit and much more. If you are in our store, you are probably looking for a replacement for a damaged product inside the structure or just want to get something missing. Cast iron oven door is one of the main components of your furnace, because it is she who is responsible for the fire. SVT doors. Perfect for both old masonry and modern tiled products. The SVT oven doors are made of cast iron, painted with heat-resistant two-component paint (which can withstand about 1000 degrees), and also the oven doors can be with glass. It is these products that will help you add an aesthetically beautiful look to your stove.

SVT cast iron oven door with glass

First of all, you should purchase doors for the SVT furnace. They will become your reliable protector from the flame, and also will brighten the appearance of the structure as a whole. Often the doors for the oven have some special design solutions. Still, the furnace - it is an old fixture for space heating. Some young people do not even know what the stoves are, and the older generation want to see in them an element of decor rather than a device for heating. It also happens that the oven is very actively used for its intended purpose and in such a situation it is necessary to take the selection of the door as responsibly as possible.

Oven doors at low prices

There are not only oven doors in our store, but also many other components for this huge system. At the same time, all our products have amazing quality, and we offer a full description with characteristics for each product. If a person is interested in the doors for the stove, then he will be able to find out anything about them, and if that suits him, he will issue an order. Price tags you will surely like so hurry!