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Finnish furnace casting SVT is rightly in high demand among stove-makers and customers. Cast iron casting strength is unsurpassed material for the manufacture of components of furnaces. Products made of cast iron withstand harsh operation for many years and are not deformed. Special two-component paint withstands temperatures of 600 ° C. Raw materials used in SVT products do not contain substances harmful to human health.

For cooking, ovens have been used since ancient times. For the safety of the furnaces, it is best to use proven casting during construction. Flooring for the cooking plate is used for installation in furnaces using wood and solid fuels.

The upper cast-iron floor plate or stove for furnaces , withstand intensive use and are made of cast iron. Plates can be chosen with or without a frame, the frame is made of high-quality cast iron.

A stove with two holes for the burners closes the top of the firebox and serves as a platform for cooking. Holes for burners are closed. Burners for cooking.

The SVT stove is intended for a complete set of wood-burning stoves made of metal or stacked of stone or brick. Thanks to this product, an ordinary oven can turn into a multifunctional device that will heat the house and allow you to cook. The plate is made of high quality cast iron. It is equipped with a comfortable handle and two burners of different diameter.