Fireguard door lefthanded SVT 400

Type Fireplace doors
Group Cast iron oven casting 
Inner dimension, mm 500 x 500 
Outer dimension, mm 595 х 545
Color Black 
Weight 24.0 kg 
Material cast iron 
Description 2 sash, unsealed, no screen. 
Manufacturer SVT Oy 
Country finland 
Code EAN6419876004007

Fireplace door sealed, 1-wing, glazed, left SVT 406

The chimney door of SVT 406 -, has the big size. The left-sided version of the door SVT 405. Two for the fireplace SVT 406 single door, sealed, hinges on the left that is ideal for installation in the fireplace and fits perfectly into any interior. You will be surprised at the high quality of the material and the perfectly treated surface.

The door for the fireplace SVT 406 is equipped with a large heat-resistant shott robax glass that can withstand temperatures up to 700 ºС.Through the heat-resistant glass door is convenient to visually monitor the process of burning wood. The shape of the glazed doorway is rectangular with an arched top.

A sealing cord is installed along the contour of the glass; it is made of heat-resistant ceramics and can withstand temperatures up to 1000 ° C, which prevents smoke from seeping through the joint of glass and cast iron.

The door is sealed and even if you close the chimney with unburned coals, they will go out without the inflow of air required for burning and there will be no carbon monoxide from the firebox into the room.

The locking mechanism and the non-flammable gasket installed along the contour of the door provide hermetic closing.

The original convenient handle in the form of a hook is located in the opposite part of the hinges of the door, which allows you to firmly press the door to the frame.

In the lower part of the door for the fireplace SVT 406 there is an adjustable gate-type hermetic lattice with a convenient handle in the shape of a flower for the flow of oxygen into the firebox, which allows you to adjust the intensity of the flame.

The raw materials used in the 406 SVT fireplace door do not contain any substances harmful to health.

Door material for the fireplace SVT 406 - gray cast iron. Cast iron doors are distinguished by high strength and thermal stability: the door does not burn through, does not rust, practically does not give in to deformation under the influence of high temperatures and has a long service life.

The door for the fireplace SVT 406 is painted with two component paint that allows you to maintain the appearance of the door for more than 30 years of explanting. Paint can withstand up to 1000 degrees.

For easy installation, there are 4 holes in the door frame.

The chimney door of SVT-406 is effectively used for installation in fireplaces, as well as stoves including. and stoves for baths that use solid fuel for combustion, made of brick or stone. SVT doors can be installed both during the laying of the fireplace or stove, and after its completion into an already finished product.

Fireplace door SVT 406 because of its size and a large opening is in great demand from the masters and stove because it is easily mounted in the masonry and serves well.

Chimney fittings have not only practical, but also aesthetic value: the glazed opening has an exquisite arched shape, and on the perimeter of the door SVT 406 is decorated with decorative molding in the form of embossed patterns.

The elegant shape of the SVT 406 fireplace door reminds of ancient architecture, creating the unique romantic atmosphere of the old castle in the house. With her, the flames dancing inside will be tame and give you their warmth.

It is installed in closed type foci. Thanks to this device, the burning procedure becomes safe, because sparks do not get into the heated rooms of a country house, and the fuel burns almost completely in the unit chamber.

Buy Finnish casting has long been considered the key to durability and proper functioning of any furnace.

Before flooding the fireplace for the first time, you need to wait a couple of weeks until it is completely dry, you need to clean metal surfaces from possible stains and examine if the glass in the doors is too tight, otherwise it may burst during expansion.

Call right now and order for yourself a reliable and beautiful door for a fireplace! 
Our consultants will help you to choose stove doors that are suitable for the equipment of your fireplace or stove, as well as everything you need for installation. 
Buy oven doors with delivery in Kiev or to the country right now by phone: +38 (098) 671-10-30 or +38 (073) 671-10-30 
When buying a fireplace door SVT 406 in the online store free delivery in Kiev.

SVT fireplace mouldings are made of cast iron that has proved to be the best material for fireplaces over the years. Cast iron withstands high temperatures and does not deform due to big temperature differences. 
GLASS: Cast iron doors are equipped with mineral glass that can withstand heat up to 800°C. Despite this outstanding feature mineral glass cannot stand mechanical hits better than normal glass. Therefore products should be handled with care before and during assembly and while in use. 

IMPORTANT! Glasses are installed quite loose on purpose, so that there would be no tension in the glass. If any cracks should occur during the first times of heating, you should immediately contact the produced or wholesaler in your country. 

PAINT: All products are painted with two-component Thermodur 600 heat-standing paint that can withstand heat up to 600°C. It would be wise to have good fresh air flow during the first times of heating as some oil fumes might evaporate. 

MAINTENANCE: All cleaning and maintenance procedures should be done when the mouldings are cold. Cat iron parts should be cleaned with cooking-oil that will form a protective cover on cast iron. Glass should be cleaned with ashes, to have the best result you should use a damp cloth and stick it in the ashes and then wipe the glass with it. To clean the glass from the ashes use a dry cloth. 

WARRANTY: Fireplace mouldings are covered with one-year warranty that will cover any production mistakes. Reclamations should be made in written together with proof of purchase. Any mishandling, assembly mistakes or misusing will not be covered by warranty.


Compatible products 
1. 433 Ashtray door 
2. 435 Soot flap 
3. 434 Soot flap

Oven for the stove
Group Cast iron oven casting
Type of component Fireplace door
Size the inner dimension 500 х 500 mm
Size the outer dimension 595 х 545 mm
Colour black
Weight 24,0 kg
Material cast iron
Manufacturer SVT Oy
Producing country Finland
Description 2 sash, unsealed, no screen
EAN code EAN6419876004007
Condition New

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Doors for fireplaces SVT 400

  • 9,083грн.

  • 2 or more 8,175грн.
  • 5 or more 7,721грн.
  • 10 or more 7,266грн.

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